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I tried once to slow down every movement in daily life. Slow walking, slow eating, slowing reaction to my mom.

Then I realise that slowing down may help me pose each gesture wisely. I have more time to think before doing. More importantly, each motion is precious, so I must think wisely before taking action.

Another thing that I have discovered is that my body is designed precisely to fit in the world – the gravity, the air pressure – so that I can live freely. Then peoplewould wonder, who has created these constants in the universe? god?

But I think it may be the other way around. Humans are trial and error creatures. (Just called creature, doesn’t mean being created.) They move faster than they should, and through trail and error, they get used to the world.

Well, it sounds like a philosophy problem. Can you prove or disprove that humans are just robots that can reproduce themselves?

The thing is, if you say humans are robots that have these characters above, it doesn’t sound wrong. It’s like proving there is no god. We have to find a sound proof.

When someone says he can predict/control the future, it is very hard to disprove. If the thing he said doesn’t happen, he can say that he didn’t let it happen on purpose. There must be a higher level logic.

This is an introductory question after watching westworld. But a bad one.

I was thinking the disproof of god: god cannot create a stone that he cannot carry. Why can god do anything? (I don’t believe in god, just curious why people think there is god.)

Then I find whether there is a god or not, nothing contradicts. If this is true, believing in god or not is not a faith, but a choice.

Then humans, robot means being created. Whether human beings are created, it may still be a choice.